Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Photoshop Express

So today, I tried out the web-based version of the oh-so-popular photo-editing software: Photoshop. Appropriately named Photoshop Express, the web version is only for basic editing actions on the go. To use this service, you have to sign up for a free membership. I was happy that it only took about a minute to register, but again...I guess thats why they call it "express"! The service offers the usual set of functions to do basic edits to your photos like, crop, rotate, resize, white balance, red eye reduction, etc, etc. Most people will be glad to know that Adobe is giving you 2GB of free image storage to use with the Beta version, so you can edit your pictures on any computer with an internet connection! I on the other hand am more happy that you can link this service to my flickr pro account(as well as Picasa, facebook, and photobucket) for quick Express access to your photo collection.

so far, I am please with the function of this service and will continue to try it out for a while.

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